From the restoration of the Ancient Capuchin Covent, in the core of the Gardens of Ragusa Ibla, this concept-hotel has seen the light, offering the travellers the exclusive experience of lodging in a convent, of relax and natural wellness.

Originally the Covent of Capuchins had 40 cells, today transformed for a total of 23 beds.

Who chooses to stay here overnight has the chance to plunge into a unique atmosphere, in an authentic dimension.

Overlooking the green valley of Irminio, the place was selected to build the Convent of Capuchins just because of its beauty and the fascination of silence and contact with nature: the Hotel still keeps this spirit and recommends its guests to gift themselves with a quiet and slow break.

The furniture, unique in each room, aimed at respecting the genius loci in order to offer the travellers a welcoming under the name of essentiality and naturalness, even if with a particular attention to comfort and modernity.

Walking of the stone, cut according to the old “palmo siculo” unit of measurement, letting yourself be enveloped by the light and by the delicate silence of one of the rare architectural remains previous of the 1693 earthquake, it’s in some way like a real journey through time.

The hotel has been conceived like a real atelier and will host painting exhibitions and contemporaneous art collections, as well as containing exclusive pieces of furniture, thanks to the collaboration with prestigious Sicilian art galleries.

The privileged location of the building, in the heart of Ragusa Ibla, allow the guests to move comfortably to visit all the jewels of southern-east of Sicily, part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Those who lodge at Antico Covento will have the chance as well to dine at Restaurant Cernobio, that offers a natural and seasonal cuisine, thanks to the work of the teachers and students of Nosco, the Mediterranean Wine-and-Food School, that has settled here its seat.

Every client of Antico Convento does some charity as well: part of the income of the Antico Convento is reinvested in social works.

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  • About Us

    The Antico Convento dei Cappuccini is the home of three different activities that integrate and cooperate one with each other: Nosco, Mediterranean Food-and-Wine School, Cenobio, the didactical restaurant and the Antico Convento Hotel.